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Booking Online

Booking an appointment with us is straight forward. You can book in if you have a voucher to use, or even if you haven't got one yet, and we'll sort you out the day. We are only open Saturdays currently, if you have a special request, just contact us. Please be sure to read the T&Cs as you will need to agree to them to book.


Find a date and time that suits you and pay the refundable £25 deposit (deposit required regardless of vouch, you’ll get your deposit back as long as you turn up to your appointments (including viewing).

Deposits are returned after your order is collected (if it wasn’t redeemed against further products).

You will need to pay another deposit if you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment during the week. Please note that appointments are non-transferable and cannot be canceled if you book a weekend slot.

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