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Virtual Santas Grotto

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Virtual Santas Grotto
Virtual Santas Grotto

Undoubtedly, this Christmas will be a little different from any other. Nonetheless, Christmas should be a time in which to celebrate together with our loved ones, our families, and our friends.

And while the pandemic has made it challenging to enjoy all the aspects of Christmas you and your little ones love the most, it has not made it impossible. Indeed, technology, in this case, is on our side, and you can still enjoy a family trip to Santa's Grotto! Here's how.
Make the Most of This Unusual Christmas

Our virtual Santa's Grotto experience allows you and your little ones to keep up your yearly appointment with Santa - in complete safety and away from others. So, not only your little ones can sit on Santa's lap and get their annual picture, but they can also enjoy a private experience! And, what's better than some time to have Santa all for yourself?!
Enjoy an Exclusive Photoshoot With Santa!

Our virtual Santa's Grotto tour includes a standard kid photoshoot experience, so your little ones can have a souvenir to treasure for years to come. Make sure you have at least three outfits ready to go for this experience so that your kids can make the most out of the time with Santa!

A Heartwarming Memory in These Times
Whether this is your little one's first Christmas or you have already visited Santa's Grotto with your kids many times before, you and your family deserve to have a unique memory of this Christmas. While unusual, this is still a magical time of the year you should make the most of and spend quality time with your family.

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