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January Blues

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January Blues

Happy new year!

A very happy new year from us all at Jigsaw Photography: Sutton Coldfield.

Never before has the start of a new year meant so much to so many people. After battling through the last two years - full of loss, restrictions, and challenges, one thing we've all learnt is that moments with our loved-ones matter.

And with that in mind, everyone at Jigsaw Photography UK is so excited to start capturing those moments for as many people as we can!

Do you have unspent photography vouchers?

Don't let cancelled plans stay that way. Why not mark the start for your new chapter by putting your photography vouchers to good use. All vouchers from last year have now been extended, so there's no reason you can't capture those precious moments after all!

Why now?

As the world starts to come together once again, and the engines of the country slowly get back up to speed, it would be easy for us to fall back into old routines and forget that we now have the opportunity to reunite with our friends and family in a way that has been impossible for many of us, over the last few years.

That's why today is the perfect moment to put your stamp on 2022, or give the gift of creating new year memories to your friends and family.

So, what's next?

Book in with our Sutton Coldfield studio ASAP - our diaries are already filling up, so make sure you don't miss out!

You can visit our online booking here